West Auckland Carpet Cleaning Services

West Auckland Carpet Cleaning Services

6 Tips For Carpet Care By A West Auckland Carpet Cleaning Service


Which tips are the most important carpet care tips I have? Read the tips below from a West Auckland Carpet Cleaning Service and you will get more life from your carpet.

West Auckland Carpet Cleaning Services

Top Tips for Carpet Care – West Auckland Carpet Cleaning Service


  1. Keep the carpet clean. Debris such as dirt or sand can cut through carpet fibres like tiny knives. Carpets that have been damaged will stain easier and make it more difficult to remove those stains. Your carpet will last longer if you vacuum it often to get rid of dirt.


  1. Use rugs. They should be placed inside and outside of entrances like the front or back of a home. Rugs will trap much of the dirt people track in off their feet. This equals a longer carpet life and less vacuuming.


  1. Remove your shoes. This is sure to prolong a carpet’s life. Most people will not mind this rule because they will appreciate how it makes your home so nice.


  1. Clean up stains quickly. If you clean with something besides water, apply it to a cloth. Work it in from the outside of a stain to the middle to keep from spreading it. Blot the stain, rinse, extract and repeat starting with the cleaner. Remove solvents completely, and dry the carpet quickly following this. If any stain is stuck down in the carpet, drying it stops it from rising to the surface.


  1. Make use of a shop-vac. This helps eliminate stains. You cannot suck out a stain with it but you can wash and rinse the stain and suck the solution out. This is more effective than blotting water up with a cloth because it saves you the trouble of washing, rinsing and extracting the stain up by way of a cloth or a paper towel.


  1. Vacuum thoroughly before cleaning. If you use a portable cleaning machine, let the water get as hot as you can handle it. Get the carpet to dry quickly by using fans to circulate the air around. This will not beat a truck-mounted hot water machine. But, if you need to save money, doing your own thorough carpet cleaning can buy you time between professional cleanings.


Would you like a carpet that is clean enough for the children to play on? Do you want it to last a long time? Use these simple carpet care tips.


Sometimes though, a carpet becomes so dirty that you need to hire a professional West Auckland Carpet Cleaning Service.  If that is your situation, try www.gogreencarpetcleaning.co.nz who have an excellent reputation.