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Wellington SEO Agency For Competitor Website Analysis

Wellington SEO Agency For Competitor Website Analysis

How To Analyse The Main Competitors Of Your Online Local Business

After you’ve done your keyword research to determine what are the most lucrative keywords to target on your local business website, you have to take your research one step further and analyse your top ten competitors in Google for each of these keywords. Ideally, you should be able to rank for all these keywords within one to three months. A very competitive keyword could take six months to one year to rank on the first page of Google. It’s easy to understand why analysing your competition is the best method to choose the right keywords to target, in terms of time and money efforts. A Wellington SEO agency can help.

Here are a few tips to help you perform an effective analysis of your competition for each keyword:

To start with, install the SEO Quake extension on your Firefox browser. This tool makes it easy to collect and display statistics on each of the search engine results.

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SEO Quake competition checker

Perform a Google search for your desired keyword. Since Google has the biggest market share of all search engines, it is well worth to focus your efforts on it, rather than trying to rank in Yahoo or Bing. Type your search term in without using quotation marks.

Since the first three results gather about 70% of all clicks, it makes sense to focus on them. In fact, these are the positions you should aim for, anyway.

Use the SEO Quake tool to check the Page Authority of all websites that rank of the first page of Google. If most of them have a Page Authority equal to or lower than 40, you should give them a green light. If, on the contrary, most of these websites have a Page Authority of 50 or higher, keep in mind that you may need at least six months to rank for that particular keyword.

Check how many backlinks each of these websites has. A count of 100 or fewer backlinks is a good sign. However, if you see thousands of backlinks to those websites, you should cross this keyword off your shortlist. Keep in mind that you should check the backlinks to the entire website, not only to the page that ranks for your desired keyword.

The next step is to analyse these backlinks to assess the quality and the Page Authority of those websites. This is very easy to do by clicking on the backlinks list under the result. You will get a pop-up window where you will see the list of the backlink sources. Look through this list and check the page rank of each website. If they come mainly from 0 to 20 Page Authority websites, they are low quality inbound links. You will be able to outrank them with ease by using links from better sources.

If you need help understanding or analysing your online competitors, a Wellington SEO agency can help. Try GIG Internet Marketing, an agency with over 12 years experience in SEO.