North Shore green home building
North Shore Green Home Builders – The Future Is Now

North Shore Green Home Builders – The Future Is Now

5 Key Features for Eco House Buildings – North Shore Green Home Builders for a Better Future

Green living is more than just about architectural trends. It is about benevolence to mother earth. This is why every real estate company along with individual property investors and North Shore green home builders should look towards eco-friendly features when constructing estates, houses, and so on.

North Shore green home buildingNow more than ever, global warming continues to progress in its catastrophic disasters, causing innumerable fatalities throughout the world. Drought, famine, unpredictable weather patterns, UV poisoning, death of wild animals especially sea creatures, name it! As primary custodians of the earth, we have to revolutionise the rising temperatures by adopting good eco-building principles. To do this you will need to find one of the North Shore green home builders, able to deliver high-quality low energy performance houses.

North Shore Green Home Builders Contributions

This is through features like:

  1. Sustainable and Locally Sourced Materials

This makes use of renewable sources close to us, therefore, reduces the total energy spent in the delivery of imported materials. Think of this way.: near our homes are wood, stone quarries, clay, and even thatch from palm trees. Nowadays, however, international companies import ‘prestigious’ building materials and finishes, which heightens the energy requirements. Take for example the vehicle that moves terrazzo from a mining resource in Africa, after which it is transported to the manufacturing industry using trailers, then the oil required to move the finished product from continent to continent. At the end of it all, the embodied energy is extremely high; the amount of gas or oil burned to then release harmful CO2 into the air is just appalling. Imagine 50 such companies in a year!

  1. LED Lighting

Buildings are major consumers of energy, through lighting and cooling, amongst other uses. By using LED lights in construction, building contractors reduce electrical consumption drastically by reducing required illumination. Lighting has indeed undergone radical change all thanks to advancements in LED technology. Being energy efficient, they minimize the carbon footprint of a home. When your homes, as a real estate company or individual, are LEED Certified, they meet the bare minimum threshold for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, therefore they attract more buyers, besides gratifying our personal conscience.

  1. Vegetable Gardens, Landscaping, and Orchards

If there’s a thing to counteract climate change, it is vegetation. Proficient green builders incorporate indoor plants, outdoor lawns, vegetable gardens, orchards, and so on in the development, all with the purpose of reducing temperatures when solar energy is absorbed by the plants. Other than this, they also provide residents with fruits, food, and fun relaxation spots, not to mention unmatched beauty!

  1. Solar Panels.

North Shore green home buildersThey work the same way plants do; absorbing solar energy hence reducing global temperatures. Solar energy is also converted into electrical energy for use in homes making them save on energy from burnt fossil fuels in general. Renewable sources of energy altogether are good practice for eco-building since they save on depletable fossil fuels, which are known to cause about 80% of pollution.

  1. Green Roofs and Walls

These are planted ground covers, creepers, troopers, and shrubs on roofs and walls, a concept meant to also reduce global temperature by increasing natural cooling, removing air pollutants, and absorbing stormwater runoff. As supplementary aspects, they also add beauty and lower energy costs.

Living in an eco-friendly home not only contributes to the overall reduction of your carbon footprint, but it also helps sustain our natural resources for longer and contributes a great deal to healthy living! One of the leading North Shore green home builders is Cain Built.  You can find more at their website.