Divorce Lawyer on the North Shore

Divorce Lawyer on the North Shore

Avoid These Errors When Selecting A Divorce Lawyer

North Shore Divorce

Unfortunately, not everyone who takes vows to love, honour and cherish for the rest of their lives does not have the outcome they were looking for. Each year, countless couples in New Zealand hire divorce lawyers to have a legal separation and disperse the matrimonial property. Having a good divorce lawyer is essential and it is imperative that you avoid any of these mistakes when trying to choose one.

Hiring The Wrong Kind Of Lawyer

While NZ law for divorce and matrimonial separation rules are clearly set out, it is still important that you select a lawyer that has solid experience when it comes to handling divorce. Even if they are very familiar with family law, it is not a wise idea to choose someone that does not have direct experience when it comes to the dissolution of marriage.

There are some lawyers that claim to be adept in all areas of law. They may have a few divorce cases under their belt, but this is clearly not their specialty. If you find someone like this, you should not hire them. This comes about partly because the law is quite clear and not open to negotiation like in the United States for example. However, some lawyers are simply not as good as others. So look for a well-respected and highly experienced law firm on the North Shore like McVeagh Fleming.

Going To The Divorce Lawyers Office Alone

The end of your marriage probably has you in an emotional tailspin. As a result, choosing a lawyer may be far more complicated for you than it has to be. It is not very easy to screen viable candidates when you are feeling like your entire world has been turned upside down. Before you head out to meet with a potential lawyer for the first time, ask a friend or loved one to go with you. They can keep an eye out for you and make sure that the choice you are making is the best one.

Forging Ahead Without Verifying Fees

Matthew Tetley-Jones
Matthew Tetley-Jones

Every lawyer has some type of payments structure in place and it is your responsibility to find out what that is before you hire anyone. It is a good idea to ask for written confirmation of what you will be responsible for paying. Get this from more than one lawyer and compare them to figure out which would be in your best financial interest.

When you are going over the financial paperwork, make sure that you read every word that is written in fine print. In some cases, people are aware of what the hourly rate is then they are astounded when they get a bill that was larger than expected due to hidden fees. Reading all of your documents carefully will help you avoid that same fate.

Choosing the right divorce lawyer can mean the difference between moving on with dignity and feeling like you have been through the wringer. Since there are many lawyers available all across the globe, it can be very tricky to choose just one. Avoiding the errors mentioned above should certainly make your decision easier.