Auckland Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Auckland Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Steam Cleaners – The Best Method For Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is a big business with both domestic, and commercial establishments needing clean carpets. There are various ways to get your carpets cleaned but using a steam cleaner is the best option.  Steam carpet cleaners are can make your environment much safer, and healthier because they can eliminate bacteria, allergens, mould, fungus, dust mites, and other unwanted organisms. Many businesses and commercial organisations such as hospitals, hotels, restaurants, aged-care homes, child-care centres, use steam carpet cleaners to get their carpeting really clean and safe. This article talks about commercial carpet cleaning, and how the best type of steam cleaner can help you.


There are two kinds of heavy steam cleaners, standard steam cleansers as well as vapour steam cleaners used for commercial carpet cleaning.


A typical steam cleaner uses heated water to clean the carpet surface. The typical heavy steam cleaner consists of a boiler, a tank to collect water, a hose pipe fitted with brushes. The steam is sprayed under pressure onto the carpet surface. Revolving brushes scrub the carpet then the grey water is sucked into the tank. Some steam cleaners can also use cleaning agents when the carpet is particularly dirty, while a lot simply rely on the steam and brushes to do the work.


Auckland commercial carpet cleaning
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A vapour steam cleaner is slightly different and is composed of a tank for the water, a heater, a hose or pipe, and a nozzle. The water is heated in the container until it boils which is then forced under pressure to generate a heavy steam also known as dry steam. This is a steam heated above the usually boilng point of 100 degrees Celsius. The dry steam then goes through the hose pipe into the nozzle and then pressure sprayed onto the carpet. This makes the dust and dirt looser in the carpet fibres so that a vacuum cleaner can then clean up the surface.


The steam generated in a vapour steam cleaner has extremely low water content, typically less than five percent. When a surface area is cleansed by steam it comes to be completely dry within a few minutes. They are not connected to a continuous supply of water like a tap, so they can be used in many places, and are much more convenient to use. A steam cleaner can be utilised to clean up any surface that is heat resistant like the interior of cars, windows, washrooms, and so on. For people with allergies, then vapour steam cleaners are normally used since they do not require the use of cleaning agents or chemicals.


For carpets, and especially commercial carpets, there are customised steam cleaners which do not use steam but make use of heated water to clean the carpeting. After moistening the carpet, the carpet surface brushes scrub the carpet, then the grey water is sucked back into the water tank. The carpet is then allowed to dry for an hour or two. The drying process can be sped up by turning on the air conditioning system as it quickly gets rid of humidity from the air, which in turns dries the carpet. When the carpeting is completely dry, it can be vacuumed to clean it completely although a better option is to vacuum the carpet to begin with.

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There are many versions offered by various manufacturers and the cost varies from $100 for domestic models to $2000 for commercial carpet cleaning models.


For many people, especially business operators, they simply do not have the time to clean the carpets in their premises so the best option is to find a commercial carpet cleaning company like Go Green Carpet Cleaning.